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    The Asia Gulf Hotel (Yazhou Haiwan Dajiudian) is located near the International Convention and Exhibition Center and Xiamen University.This Xiamen hotel offers rooms with complimentary broadband access. Some rooms have balconies or views of the sea.Meeting rooms are available in this hotel,  while guests may dine at the hotel's restaurant which serves Cantonese cuisine.[View Detail]         

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  • bossRamen
    Change to a beach in the Southern District, and
  • cfsr0
    Clean nice room. the reception is good, the next time to live
  • freeman2005
    Nice ... comfortable
  • money819
    Nice is the small room. Conveniently, it has its own beach
  • arrow071
    A very good environment, walking across the street, through the Villa in the Southern District, to the beach, walk along the Sea Cliff, is all the way to the beach, you want to walk the beach, will soon go down, clean the beach, the water is very clear, very few people, very comfortable! always feel good! next time to be living here.
  • ling20050834
    Room small, big bed room of bed only 150, curtains Shang of stains can't see, breakfast unpalatable. set room information Shang said room has 24 flat, actually including bathroom zainei may not be has 24 flat, and I day staying of Swan big hotel price almost, facilities and the service has difference. in here live has several late, if not in near of school learning, never live here. Passing mention of eating problems, you next to the farmer's Island, in the hotel's haixianfangFood prices outside big gear, dining and taste good, especially on a beautiful round double package is great value. Seafood Watch scales, the next day I ordered fish, because no scales, 1.5 kg 1.4 kg a lot smaller than yesterday.
  • tomlamx
    Environment did not have to say, the service is OK, the next time you have the opportunity to
  • nonameleeeva
    To upgrade to 4 color better, online booking only on the second floor
  • dianjianban
    In General, rooms of old
  • miabear
    Prices are very satisfactory, next time you come to live here, really enjoyed
  • b_bob
    Decoration is too old. by the sea ... There is no price
    Overall is good. is the restaurant on the second floor of the fume smell will float up
  • lingdao
    Quiet, nice
  • fafa5288
    Good location, living in the North a little inconvenience, wanted to go back to the room with all kinds of goods ilovejun the sand to go quite far. reception in the Southern District, to check. cold pool of water, dressing rooms are also very general.
  • wwting8566
    In addition to good. What do others really don't. the service is terrible.
  • danny wu
    Good, convenient, is the room is a bit old, good location
  • acoolfox
    Environment is good, service was good
  • bd9169
    Which is very nice. .
  • fenrisulfr
  • jennifer_lee61
    Yes! on the edge of the beach, yes! the main villa in the Southern District is very good, very close to the powerful!
  • jesse-j
    Good location, on the coastal road, the hotel covers a wide range, a good environment, good service, room was nice.
  • namie771017
    Great location, on the beach, next to the seafood stalls well, breakfast was 68, hotels may not have facilities, bathing only sleep in it.
  • BB768
    Old point
  • doyidi
    Great location, right on the beach, opposite the island, weather is good you can see Beach a good-size large, lots of villas ... just feel the room facilities are old, texture is not good enough-
  • e00036891
    Hotel services very professional, rooms at the brush at the front desk has been authorized, departure and brushes consumption, pre mandate are still not cancelled
  • irene1130
    Which is very nice
  • li4043814
    Villas in Southern District is great, pool is sea, huangcuo sea particularly well. provisional booking that hotel occupancy was also soon, is the room is a bit old, still loved it! family happy! is a bus stop at the door to go out very convenient! BRT from Oriental Villa is also very near
  • lincolngao
    The hotel is very comfortable, balcony seen sea, a few minutes ' walk to the beach, swimming pool and beach are quite nice, here have a good leisure and beautiful beaches, like the sea I enjoy living here is really good, but time is too tight, breakfast is very good, tastes great, and delicious Chili, really cool yy
  • elegantding
    North Superior rooms, rooms are small, the facility is old, only Samsung standard room is better in the Southern District, and near the sea.
  • bjlyb2004
    Great experience! kids love, with several people in the Villa
  • acacia2005
  • cmdedx
    For standard room, in fact, than at home, but since breakfast and pool, the price was worth it. is a bit off the Windows is not open so there but only by ventilation
  • nbymb
    Very satisfied, near from the sea, convenient, and that in the best of the beach.
  • Mei love
    Superior big bed room prices you didn't have much money, but a lot! value much higher than superior big bed room!
  • Ariel85
    Site traffic is very good, environment the coast is beautiful, but the room has no Windows and is very small, poor noise outside the door.
  • ccr0701
    Strategic location, blue sky and white clouds, the Sea Beach ... ...
  • innyan
    Minimum of three nights, just like the surrounding environment, like beaches and swimming pools, Chen 1st, make up the facilities, reception of defect, impatient to leave the front face of the last day. said upgrading sea-view room and flicker.
  • neuron1977
    Good location very satisfied!
  • Amy.Fu
    Good, a bit noisy in the morning ... nice
  • cloudog
    Nice, but room is small, if big is perfect
  • sirius_24
    Famous location, no star, not worth the price, rooms too simple
  • youyuan20081011
    Hotel of around big environment is good, we live of North, to beach to had road to southern past, but also not far, hotel room is unlikely to, is compact! relative now new of four star this hotel some bad, after all is old hotel has, breakfast also General like, but hotel of service can make up this all, front desk reception with hotel service personnel of attitude are is good, always smile phase welcome, hotel pool also super rod, only unfortunately we to Xiamen five days, five days are in rain, some YuStuffy! in General, Asia Gulf Hotel I was quite satisfied! next to Xiamen, will choose this hotel, I hope better! also hopes to have a children's playground for the baby can have a place to play when it rains!
  • come23
    Good location, others are bad, and price comparison is not recommended. next time you consider other lives
  • e00989367
    Well is near the seaside! go a few steps to the next will go to
  • Grace Yue
    Hotel is really nice, very quickly. have with beach and swimming pool, can also go to the beach to watch the sunrise in the morning, at the edge of seafood stalls. price is cheaper than zengcuoan, can choose this hotel Xiamen
  • andydao
    Often staying at this hotel, I feel pretty good, breakfast very good!
  • aisss
    Although the price is a little high, but the feeling was good value for money, Villa room was quiet, Scenic Villa area, within easy reach of the sea! really like this feeling, originally intended to spend the night, then stayed a night. adults and children love it! like the cities of Xiamen, on holiday or will be staying next time.
  • francis1945
    Overall is good.
  • lannan921
    In addition to the outside of a stain on the carpet looked uncomfortable, others are satisfied. primarily to bring my daughter to see the sea, Villa is the sea, very convenient. next time you have the opportunity to select here. breakfast variety, good.
  • Fengli1979
    Breakfast a bit disappointing room was small, the wrong southern front desk service